Outside the (Politically Correct) Bubble

If we don’t fight now, conservatives will vanish from the internet.

Censorship.  We all know its wrong, we all know it is the opposite of freedom, and certainly out of step with what America and its amazing Constitution stand for.

However, if you change the wording, you can claim to be helpful all the while censoring those you disagree with.  This is done in the name of eliminating “fake news” and “hate speech” from the internet.  In other words, if you are “outside the leftist reality bubble” then your content is fake and hateful.

One of the foundations of modern leftist thinking is that no one has the right to hurt your feelings.  Thus, safe spaces – where no one is allowed to speak heresy.  However, it is a one-way system:  you cannot hurt their feelings and get away with it by speaking heresy, such as defending capitalism, saying anything other than totally positive statements about communism, socialism, or Islam.  If you do, then it is certainly fine for them to shut you up and hurt your feelings.  Because they are on a higher moral plane.  Or so they believe.  How convenient for them.

This sickness is so thick in the USA these days it is hard to breathe unless you are a rabid leftist.  Political correctness is enforced as much as possible, and the enforcement grows rapidly daily.

Now they are pushing hard to ban any speech that they disagree with (labeled as “fake news” or “hate speech”) on the internet, under the guise of “protecting” you.  Isn’t that so very nice of them?  No, it is totalitarian, hateful, demonic, and delusional.

This article (below) is no doubt already banned.  It does not matter that Snopes is clearly a totally biased and incorrect “fact checker” as they have again and again (as the article below specifies in detail) claimed things that are historical facts or clearly verifiable as “false” because it does not fit into their world view.

This it the hallmark of the delusional left:  reality as it was once understood – by scientists and Christians – you know, objective reality, to them does not and cannot exist.  Only what they think and believe exists.  So, if they believe socialism works and capitalism has been the cause of the worlds economic problems, than it’s a fact.  Just because they believe it, and it must be true because otherwise their entire mental construct of artificial reality would collapse.  So, a good leftist never allows actual reality into their thinking:  it is dangerous and could cause massive mental trouble for them.

They really don’t even know why they have their Samsung phone or iPhone.  It’s just taken for granted, with absolute zero comprehension of how it came to be.  How everything they take for granted came to be.  And how, if they win, it will all be taken away, and they will get to experience utter poverty as every country subject to a communist/socialist revolution has experienced (the latest example is Venezuela).  And just so you know, Cuba is a paradise.

I say break up Facebook, Google, and all other monopolies on the internet.  While you are at it, break up the monopoly we have in Washington DC – you know, the so-called two-party system which is actually a one-party deep state?

Read the article – time is short before blogs like this  will be blocked and banned.

Source: News Nanny: The Race to Censor Internet News

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