True Islam

The mainstream media, elites, leftists, feminists, and Western governments ignore the reality of sex slave markets set up by ISIS in Turkey – 3 so far.

This is going on right under the noses of the UN, EU, and the Mainstream Media, as well as all the leftist NGO’s and activists groups such as the Human Rights Commission.  But not a word:  you can hear a pin drop.  “Nothing to see here.  Move along.”

You can be sure that if it was ANY OTHER RELIGION responsible for these heinous acts, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANITY – you would never hear the end of the screaming and finger pointing.

It reminds me of the double standard we have for sexual misconduct in the USA.  If you are a RINO or Democrat, you are covered, protected, and even if found out, your actions are minimized.  Heck, a slush fund will be established to pay off the woman being abused (as congress did).  But if you are a non-RINO Republican, any and all allegations – without proof – will be broadcast widely and assumed to be 100% accurate, and you will become a total pariah.  They did this to Trump, they are doing it again to a Christian man running for office in Alabama…

The absolute horror of it is that True Islam is widely documented in many historical documents, and available widely on the Internet.  But instead of promoting the truth about True Islam, we have suppression of the truth at every turn.  Facebook, Google, MSM, Hollywood, all levels of government:  they even coined the term “Islamophobic” to cover anyone attempting to speak the truth about True Islam.  They blackball and censor any group that speaks out, and allow any and all Islamic rants to be published.

They even coined a phrase to protect Islam:  “The Religion of Peace.”  In reality, virtually all terror attacks around the world are from the single religion, Islam.  But never mind, it is a “Religion of Peace.”  Thank you, George Bush.  We wouldn’t want to upset our Saudi friends by telling the truth, would we?

How is it that all of the “liberal” high-minded claims of caring about people, caring about human rights, caring about woman rights – is totally irrelevant when it comes to Islam?  How is it that a Moslem man may rape a woman, and it’s “OK” because that is his culture?  Remember, the woman is NOT a part of his culture…

This dichotomy between claimed morals and actions – often known as hypocrisy – is a hallmark of leftism.  Their high-minded claims are deception and lies.  There is no strain of truth in their thinking, no concern for those hurt.  After all, the ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.  And how does that apply here?

  • The Ends:  destroy the west and capitalism:  the source of all human suffering (according to them)
  • The Means:  undermine every pillar of western civilization, including Christianity, nationalism, history, etc. until it falls from within.  Deception and delusion are primary tools.  Relativism (there is no objective truth, only “my” truth) is the foundation.  By promoting that, remove reality from the equation:  it’s all about the “narrative.”

Unfortunately, they have made tremendous progress in the last 50 years.  Europe is a total mess, ready to collapse.  Sweden, the golden boy of socialism, is now the rape capital of the world.  They USA is run by a rogue “deep state” with the help of the propaganda machine otherwise known as the Mainstream Lying Media, supported by perverts from Hollywood and college and university professors and administrators.  They fight and resist every and all efforts to restore decency and sanity to America (Trump’s effort to reverse the damage done over 8 years by Obama).

They will do anything to achieve their end goals.  After all, they are True Believers… in Marx.  And they absolutely LOVE Islam because they think they can use it as a battering ram to help destroy the west.  Of course they then assume they can wipe out Islam once the dirty deed has been accomplished.  Wake up, fools!  Islam will also destroy you, as well!

Source: Islamic State opens sex slave market in Turkey’s capital

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  1. The truth about Islam. It is out to decapitate the West. There is no peace with the Islamists.

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