It’s Not Just Fake. It’s Evil.

As to why it appeared as though Moore had been targeted by a “hit piece” from the liberal media and establishment Republicans, Beth replied, “It’s because he stands up for God and biblical truths and the Constitution. They don’t want him in office because he won’t be in anybody’s pocket or their lap dog.”

Here we go again.  Surprise surprise.  The left uses the same tactics over and over:  smear a candidate with lies just before an election.  They did it with Trump, remember?  All the woman, suddenly coming out of the closet, and claiming inappropriate behavior from Trump just before the election.  Magic!  They all disappear after the election!  Isn’t that convenient?  And of course, after the election, we find out that they were lying, that what they were claiming was actually not even possible at the time and place they claimed, it was all a staged political attack to generate lots of anti-Trump sentiment just in time for the voting booth.  Oops.  Trump won anyway.

Why did Trump win anyway?  Perhaps people are now onto the left’s evil tricks?  Could be.

And now, we have the weapon of hate focused on the ultimate anti-establishment person – one who cannot be bought because of his commitment to God.  Ray Moore will not be easily led around by the nose by the establishment deep state with promises of money and success in exchange for “playing ball.”

And of course the stories – the attack – cannot be verified.  No proof.  Also cannot be disproven.  That’s exactly what these sleaze balls love about this kind of attack.  No one can ever prove them liars.

And yet, we really don’t need to prove them to be liars:  they have lied so many times we KNOW they are liars.  We KNOW how they operate.  So this is just “the usual” for them.

I could go into arguments as to why this stinks to high heaven, but I should not have to do that.  If you don’t already know, then me telling you is a waste of breath.

Underlying all of this, from the deep state, leftists, and Democrats, is hatred to anyone who they see as unwilling to play their game of selling out everything and anything for personal gain.  So by definition, they hate Christians and Christianity.  They believe there is no objective truth, no objective reality.  These are the same people who support Islam, and look the other way when Christian genocide is practiced by Islam.  These are the same people who hate anyone daring to stand up against any part of their agenda to destroy the fabric of western civilization and replace it with… Venezuela socialism.

It is a sad day in America when major “news” outlets publish lies and deception as a REGULAR PRACTICE, and where you have to ASSUME they are lying or twisting the truth for political purposes.  Very sad, very dangerous.  If not corrected, it WILL lead to a revolution, and America will fall.  Look to Venezuela for what the results will look like:  starvation, riots, no jobs, pay dropping to a few dollars a MONTH, dissenters disappearing in the night, all the fun of a totalitarian government.  But this, my friend, is EXACTLY what the elite, the globalists, want.  After all, dead Americans is their goal.

Source: Exclusive: Woman Who Worked for Moore in Her Teens Shakes Left’s Narrative

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