Ignorance Versus Stupidity

Why central planning is no match for the free market.

There was a time, when I was growing up, back in the dawn of history around 1950-1960, that you learned why free markets worked and why central planning never did – in school and from your parents.  For any of you who may not know (because of the lack of proper education in our leftist statist school system), central planning is the hallmark of socialism, communism, and marxism.  It supposes that very smart “technocrats” should be given the responsibility – really the power – to control everything.  The Soviets had the infamous “5-year plan” to do this.

The EU, and the globalist elites are very much into this, and our own government has gotten into the business of central planning, as well.  The most notable recent example is Obamacare – central planning for health care.  There are many other examples.

The promises are always wonderful.  The delivery is always abysmal.  But the true believers never learn the lesson, but rather are convinced that their utopian system will work, just double down, force it on the world harder, bump off anyone who appears to disagree and thus must be the cause of why things are not working out.

This continues until a final collapse occurs, and then you have yet another revolution.  But before you get there, you have mass murder, mass starvation, and mass misery, because the utopian elitists who believe they are so damn smart they can fix anything by dictating how everything should be done will never learn, are incapable of learning, and only can be stopped by force.

The world is much more complex than the elitist brain.  They cannot fathom it, they cannot fathom how little they know.

Our present education system no longer teaches why free markets and capitalism is superior to communism and socialism.  Rather, they teach the opposite.  Thus, most of the younger generation have no idea why they have iPhones and all the other conveniences of modern life.  If we continue on this disastrous path, this generation that takes for granted all that they have will lose it.  And then, they will wonder why.

It’s because they were lied to, they were deceived, and they fell for it.  Free stuff is always a lie:  ultimately, someone is paying for it (usually because the government is taking it away from them by force), and when the money runs out, everyone loses.

What a sad state we are in, that such deception has taken over the media and education in the USA.  Ultimately, we will not survive that terrible transition into stupidity.

Source: Ignorance Versus Stupidity

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