The New Alliance vs. EUism, the New Religion

Pictured: The Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group countries meet in Prague on December 3, 2015. From left to right: Slovakia’s Robert Fico, Poland’s Beata Szydło, Czech Republic’s Bohuslav Sobotka and Hungary’s Viktor Orbán. (Image source: Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland)

When you read the story (see link below) about the New Alliance between the US and Central Europe, one of the things that will probably stand out is the huffy moral superiority of the EU government and its various organs, along with its primary supporters, such as Merkel and other EU elites.

This type of supposed moral superiority thinking is normally associated with a deeply held religious belief system.  You know, like Islam believes itself to be morally superior to all other belief systems, so much so that killing infidels is a big plus for their angry and hateful god.

But the EU, and the American Left, including the Democrat Party and the Republican Elite all share in a powerful religion I will call, for the sake of having a label, EUism.  EUism demands total feality to its belief system:  open borders, superiority of “the religion of peace” and of course reckless abandonment of sensible economic policy and energy policy.  All in the name of “science” so called.  Science it is not, and the adherents attitude to those that do not agree with their fake science is totalitarian at best, and evil at its worst.  People in Germany are unable to get enough energy – many are cold in the winter due to the high price of energy.  This appears to be the green future:  green because your dead frozen body will turn green after it has laid in your frozen apartment for a few weeks.

Only a religion can create such strong beliefs in the face of reality that contradicts it so strongly.  The insanity of ending power generation from nuclear with no sane and sensible alternative in sight is a typical step only a true believer can take.  After all, the bureaucrats will certainly have all the energy they need, right?  Ah, I should not be calling them “bureaucrats” because actually, they are “high priests” of EUism.

And, if you have not guessed it by now, EUism has the same god as the Religion of Peace.

Please, read the article, and weep.  Because there are nearly 100 million people in the USA – including the elite, Hollywood, Washington DC, the “mainstream media,” most universities and colleges, many large funders such as the Ford Foundation, and many large corporations that are 100% in favor of a similar slide into oblivion, right here.  Yes, that’s right:  we have our own high priests of EUism in congress and most other points of influence in our culture.

The New Alliance, therefore, is not between the US and the Visagrad Group.  It is between Trump and his supporters and Central Europe.  Which, according to the last election, compensating for illegal voting, is still a majority of Americans.  Wake up, what’s left of America!

Source: Central Europe and the U.S.: The New Alliance

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