Then, and Now. Goodbye, America.

I was born in 1946.  I was a “baby boomer” from World War II being over.  At great cost in human lives and material, America had just pushed back the dark ages in Europe and Japan.

I, of course, was oblivious, although I learned about it in school.  But we did have atomic bomb drills.  As if hiding under a desk would actually help…

Some of us still had outhouses.  Not all even had telephones.  We used coal.  Technology?  The automobile was probably the height of technology at that time.  That was Then.  And AM Radio!  TV, if you were “lucky” to have one (we did not), was a big wood box with a tiny tube.

We played with boxes, made our own toys from cardboard, used chalk on sidewalks to play games, played in the dirt.  If we were lucky, we even had a truck, made of wood.  I built “toy” electronics in paper boxes with rubber bands as wires and rolls of paper as “components.”  I learned that by staring at the insides of an old radio that sat with its guts exposed next to the attic stairs.  I had no idea what those components were.

But, we went out, got educated, learned about Jesus in church, got jobs, and built the technology powerhouse that America was in the 1990’s and to some extent, still is.

But along the way, something valuable was lost.

Now, the new generation has everything they can imagine.  XBox, iPhones, iPads, 4K 60” TV’s, giant speakers, Amazon shopping and Alexia, fancy cars, electronic skateboards, and on and on.

But no longer do they learn about Jesus.  They learn about Mohammad.  No longer are our hero’s poople like George Washington, but Che Guevara.  They hate America.  They believe America is the source of every evil in the world  But they want everything but don’t want to have to work for it.  They don’t want freedom, they want socialism and Marxism.  They actually believe the lie.

This is Now.

I look at the now and wonder, was it a good thing to invent all this stuff?  I was part of it:  I invented technology that went into all currrent cell phones.  I look at the end result of what – on the surface – was wonderful technology – and I wonder:  is this a good thing or totally and completely evil?  In the cities, people walk around with a cell phone in their focus, running into each other.  They text each other sitting at the same table.

Is there something about having every ease of life handed to you on a silver technology platter that makes you hate the culture that made it all possible?  That makes you believe you are “worth it” and don’t have to do anything to get what you “deserve” – just like all those evil “millionaires” that did work their tails off?

Or is it just turning away from Jesus?

Then, we were a Christian nation.  We had a lot of hope, we believed in work, we believed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we believed in God.  We had hope.  Our parents believed so much they fought and died so others in Asia and Europe could also be free.

Now, we are clearly a godless nation.  Our news media lies and makes up stories to further its own sick agenda.  Our government agencies work against a dually elected president.  They lie, cheat, and break laws with no shame.  There is much railing against our founders, against our freedoms, in the media and our so-called educational institutions.  They rail against our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Accepting the slippery lies of Islam, and defending every atrocity they commit, while at the same time attacking any and all expression of Christianity is our new, modern delusional insanity.

I now understand something I never understood before.  When Jesus said “I am the Truth, the Way, and the Life” he was not joking.  Without Him, we have no truth, we are awash in delusions that would make anyone from the dark ages laugh:  no longer do we believe in objective truth, but rather in whatever we want to think as truth.  Without His Way, we are totally lost, and our culture dies more and more every day.  We are becoming barbarians.  We kill children, we tear their bodies apart while they are still alive.  We hate anyone who cries out against that barbaric practice.  We ignore other barbaric practices such as FGM, child marriage, sodomy, human trafficking, pornography (under the guise of “freedom” and the lie that “it doesn’t hurt anyone”), and look the other way when women and girls are brutalized by Moslem men (of course we do not look away if it is a non-Moslem).  I could go on.  But you know what I am talking about.  We have no Life.  Not without Jesus.

History tells me that it is too late for America.  We have raised a generation of totally spoiled and delusional children that cannot recognize reality or truth, and have lost their way.  And soon, they will be running what is left of America.  Into the ground.

Good bye, America.  I loved you deeply.  I still love you, Jesus.  But the forces of darkness are upon us again, and I see no backbone or foundation of godliness on which to overcome it this time.

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