Yes, we are in Greece! Bougainvillea Everywhere!

Greece!  In 1997, not today.  After all the financial disruption of the past few years between Greece and the EU and Germany, I have no idea what it is like today.  I hope it remains the same…

This shot is a great example of what you see walking around in virtually any city in Greece.  In this particular case, we were on the mainland, but similar scenes were visible on Santorini, on Mykonos, and on Rhodes.  Combine the bougainvillea with the white walls and blue doors and domes, and arches everywhere, and you have what I call the Greece Motif.  Beautiful!  I could not get enough of the bougainvillea!

Besides many wondrous sights and inexpensive and excellent food, the Greek people are very friendly toward tourists.  Pretty much also true in Italy, but I think I prefer Greece myself.

This photo was taken in the dark ages of film, using Kodak Royal God film.  Can you imagine?  I had no idea if I got a decent photo or not until much later – after returning home.  Unfortunately many ‘not so good’ photos could never be taken again.  One of the fabulous advantages of our modern cameras is, you can tell if you need to take it again immediately!

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