California Airheads At It Again

The #Resistance Dems are at it again.

California lawmakers don’t waste time on trivialities like the pension bomb. Instead they tackle the serious issues. That’s why the California Assembly passed a bill mandating that Trump publish his taxes. The bill is unconstitutional. U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton settled that back in the 90s. If California wants to revisit that, it’ll have to rely on a dissent from Clarence Thomas. Not to mention Scalia.

The bill would be signed by Governor Brown who hasn’t released his own tax returns.

But following the law is for Republicans and little people.

Wow.  This article (see link below) is filled by absurd laws passed by leftists in California.  It is truly hard to believe people can be so disconnected from reality as they obviously are.  And so forgiving and easy going on child rapists and drug dealers, but very hard on Christians or anyone who disagrees with them.  How can this insanity be so pervasive in our country?

It is often said – by unbelievers – that Christians are merely hypocrites.  That would be true if the Christians claimed to never sin, which they do not claim.  They claim to be forgiven, with the inmate desire to not sin, but, being human, sometimes failing.  But still forgiven.  So sinning in this case is not hypocrisy, but mere human failure.

When you have the kind of hubris running amok in California, where things are perfectly OK if you are a leftist, but horrid beyond belief if you are not, this is the ultimate hypocrisy.  I could make a long list:  our political spectrum is full of hypocrisy.   Hypocrisy is so deep and thick, you have to be crazy or insane to not notice it.  But they don’t notice it, in their leftist insanity.

They have thrown away their anchor into truth and reality.  They have become their own gods.  And what a mess they are making.  What wailing and gnashing of teach we will hear when it all falls apart on them.  Unfortunately, it will also fall apart on us, as well, as they tear apart our country and any civility and Christian values that are left.

Wake up, America!

Source: California Dems Protect Child Rapists and Fight Trump

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