Hiking in Capital Reef

The best way to get incredible photos is to change your location.  Many folks drive to the posted overlooks, take a few photos (often with someone standing in front of the natural beauty, so they can say “here is so-and-so at Capital Reef, rather than saying – look!  Capital Reef!), and then wonder why their photos are so boring.  Same old same old…

Get out of the car, take a hike.  Change the view.  Sometimes only walking up the road 10 feet will give you a completely different view!  Here, in this photo, we are walking past an amazing wall bathed in sunset light.  The formations are incredible, and the late afternoon highlights and shadows intensify the texture in the rocks.  I remember standing there, totally amazed, afraid my camera could not capture the beauty!  It did a passing job, don’t you think?

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