Congressional Action Against Facebook Gains Momentum

And why, exactly, is congress all upset about Facebook and other social media companies?

Would they actually be concerned about the censorship going on with all the major companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google Search, Yahoo Search)?  That would make sense, since it violates the constitution.  Right?

Nope.  Not a chance.  Congress is up in arms (or perhaps I should say the Democrats in Congress?) about “Russian” ads during the campaign!  Yup.  These are the same people who had no issue with Obama spending millions trying to change the election in Israel, and don’t seem to care that our State Dept. money works with George Soros to flip elections in various countries in Eastern Europe.  No, not interested.

But Russian money – a mere $100K – spent on ads on Facebook?  Horrible!  Must be stopped!  Must regulate!  Must demand a new bureau of unelected regulators to pass new laws and requirements for all major companies in the media business.  So what if the cost for that is 100X the value of the ads?

The “Russia” craze is based on the still-believed lie that “Russia tossed the election for Hillary” by collusion with Trump.  Yup.  They still believe that, even though it is patently insane and proven wrong many times over.

Are they going to do anything about unlawful censorship?  Of course not!  Censoring people who disagree with them is what they believe in.

What ever happened to the Bill of Rights?  RIP, America!  I love my memory of you.  I cry that you are gone.

Source: Congressional Action Against Facebook Gains Momentum

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