The End of Sweden?

The moment we start abandoning our own, our days are numbered.

I wonder how many are paying attention to what is actually happening on the ground in Sweden?  I may be more attentive than the average due to my Swedish heritage.

Sweden is coming apart at the seams.  It is a failed state, and, unless some action is taken, it will become the first Islamic State of Europe.  It is a threat to surrounding countries, such as Denmark, Finland, and Norway.  Not that those countries don’t have their own internal problems due to the same problem:  insane immigration of Moslems intent on replacing freedom with a sharia law.  And the barbarianism that that culture entails.

Once-tolerant Sweden has brought itself into a situation from which it can not save its own self. Should the world just stand by, leaving the Swedes to their self-inflicted misery? There is no doubt that not only Denmark, Norway, and NATO, but also the Swedes, would benefit from international intervention inside Swedish borders.

The phrase “once tolerant” is an interesting one, as it implies that tolerance is no longer present.  In a way, this is true, but really, has been true for a very long time.  Leftism tolerance is tolerance toward all evil, in an upside-down world, where evil is good and good is evil.  There has never been much tolerance to those who believe otherwise, and the government actively suppresses and criminalizes those who dare to speak out against Islam, even while Islam is tearing the country apart.

Denmark is in a similar mess, as you can read on another post on my blog.  France, Germany – all of these countries are following the lead of Sweden into the ditch.  It is the final expression of leftism and its disgust for any vestiges of Christian civilization and freedom.

And it is already happening here.  The globalists goal is to destroy the west, and they are doing a bang-up job.  They have effectively neutered the citizens by propaganda and control of the press, hollywood, academia, and government.  Now it is simply a matter of slaughter of the sheep.  Time to wake up. America!


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