Denmark: One-Sided Civilization War – Ongoing

The rule of law is imploding in Denmark as “low-tech jihad” and migrant gangs take over the streets. The Danish government should not be surprised. But it appears to be.

It always amazes me when the obvious outcome of a leftist policy finally is noticed by the politicians that have been pushing it, and their surprise at the outcome. What does this say about leftist politicians – or better yet, politicians in general?

For decades, critics of Islam and Muslim immigration have warned about irresponsible liberal policies that encourage accepting migrants or refugees from Islamic countries. Therefore, Danish politicians should not be surprised about the emergence of this despicable violence. But apparently they are.

All I can say is “duh.”

And what do they (the politicians) do about it? Call in the army (what little they have – after decades of not upholding their NATO promises)! Not a peep about stopping the madness of unlimited Islamic immigration. No, that would be sane. But I submit yet another proof that leftism is insanity. They cannot address the real problem because it would be politically incorrect. They cannot even think it! And, they must continue to suppress and criminalize those who speak out against Islamic immigration.

Thousands of incidents involving loosened wheel bolts on cars, large rocks or cinder blocks thrown from highway overpasses, and thin steel wires strung across bicycle paths meant to decapitate unsuspecting cyclists, is spreading a growing sense of horror among the Danes

The death spiral of a lost civilization that has turned away from the very God and belief system that it was built upon, that its very freedoms was based upon. Into the cesspool of totalitarian sharia barbarianism.

Wake up America. The same process is well along here in the USA.


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