Islam is Not a Religion…?

Geert Wilders: “Islam is not a religion”

Geert Wilders has come to this opinion under great duress, and with a whole boatload of trouble that the Netherlands has been subjected to as the politicians in power continue to coddle Islam in the face of rising violence and rape.

How in heavens name can he claim Islam is not a religion?

re·li·gion [rəˈlijən] NOUN

  • the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods: “ideas about the relationship between science and religion”
    synonyms: faith · belief · worship · creed · sect · church · cult · denomination
  • a particular system of faith and worship:
    “the world’s great religions
  • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance:  “consumerism is the new religion”

The focus of the dictionary definition above seems to be “belief” and “worship” and of course a “deity.”

Of course all those items are certainly part of Islam. So where is he getting his idea that Islam is not a religion?

But in my opinion Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian, dangerous and violent ideology, dressed up as a religion.

Ah ha! Dressed up as. Totalitarian, dangerous, and violent ideology. You know, like the KKK (which, by the way, no doubt claim their “religion” is based on the Bible), or the Catholic vs. Protestant violence in Ireland? So does that mean – according to Mr. Wilder – that Christianity, both Catholicism and Protestantism, are not religions, as well?

You have to know more about what truly are each of these “religions” to answer that. Does the Bible truly teach white supremacy? Of course not! Jesus and St. Paul were NOT WHITE. Nor were ANY of the apostles! Nor do they teach murdering someone because of their skin color. NOT IN THE BIBLE, sorry.

Is the Bible Catholic? Or Protestant? No. Much of what goes for those two “versions” of Christianity, including all the various denominations of Protestantism, are not Biblical. In fact, much of the practice today in these various “flavors” is non-Biblical.

In reality, what did Jesus tell Pontius Pilate? “My Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD.” This does not mean Christians cannot apply other-world teachings to how they live, who they vote for, what they implement in their lives, but note that, while eradicating slavery was certainly the Christian thing to do, based on the Golden Rule, it was not commanded. This is why the South took umbrage at the idea that the Bible was anti-slavery: they believed that if slavery was wrong, then Jesus or Paul would have railed against it. The question of why they did not is beyond the scope of this post. (There is a very reasonable answer).

Compare this to Islam. In Islam, via its direct teaching from its most holy prophet and recorded in the Koran, the Hadith, and Suma, is a kingdom of this world. It is a kingdom of patriarchy, where women are worth ½ of a man, and have virtually no rights when “owned” by a husband or when owned as a slave. It is a kingdom of slavery. Having slaves is just fine. Enslaving people is just fine. It is a kingdom of conquest. Moslems are commanded – REQUIRED – to jihad against unbelievers.

While some spinsters would like you to believe that “jihad” simply means “struggle” (you know, like Mein Kampf), that didn’t work out well for Germany, did it? Or Europe, or the USA, or Russia, for that matter. Millions died as Hitler “struggled.”

History tells a much different story. It’s just that the spinsters have been working on your history books since before you were born. Do your homework. Over 390 MILLION have been murdered or enslaved under Islam since its founding. Makes Hitler and Stalin and Mao look like minor criminals.

So Mr. Wilder is claiming that having a legal system that totally controls how you think and act in every way, and that suppresses by murder or other horrible punishments (cutting off your hand for stealing, for example, a hundred lashes – which most would not survive – for a minor offense, etc. – this is called Sharia Law), that forbids you to question anything about Islam, that leaves men in control – the Imams – with absolutely zero accountability (what they say goes, period, or die) – such a system is not a religion, but a political system that has an enforced religious element.

Actually, Communism is exactly the same. It is a very bad political system of enslavement – like Islam – that allows no criticism – like Islam – and has an enforced religion (atheism) – like Islam. In the commie case, the “god” is the all-powerful State. But in reality, just like Islam, it is men with absolutely zero accountability (what they say goes, period, or die). Wait! That’s just like Islam too!

Yup, you got it. The “religion” part of Islam – worshipping at the mosque, believing Mohammad is the final prophet, believing in Allah, none of those things BY THEMSELVES is an issue.

What is an issue is the absolute teaching that no other belief can be allowed, must be destroyed. Killing everyone who disagrees – even if it is merely another branch of Islam, as in Shia vs. Sunni, is all the rage. And speaking of rage, Islam is a religion of rage. The slightest hint that what they believe is total nonsense (which it is) will enrage them to murderous levels.

So, like Mr. Wilder, I do not believe Islam in America should be treated as a religion, but rather as an enemy political system whose goal is the overthrow of our form of government, including the Bill of Rights.  I therefore agree with Mr. Wilder in opposing Islam in all its forms as its supporters work tirelessly to destroy America and replace it with a barbaric Caliphate.

Source: Geert Wilders: “In My Opinion, Islam Is Not a Religion”

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