Greed and Lust for Power Wins Against Threat of Jihad

Rack up a win for the Council on American-Islamic Relations and a network of other U.S. Islamist organizations controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only has the Brotherhood thus far managed to avoid the Trump White House designating it a terrorist organization, but its U.S. affiliates still hold enormous sway over the Republican-dominated Congress.

Yup.  Money flow to Hamas voted down by a Republican congress.

I once thought we actually had a two-party system.  You know, Democrats and Republicans.  According to the mainstream media, the Democrats were “for the little guy” and “against racism” and the Republicans were for “businesses” and the “wealthy.”  Of course that is nonsense labeling, but it supports the myth of a two party system.

I expect – from the Democrats – support for Islam, support for Jihad, after all, they put Obama, a Moslem and pro-Islam and pro-Jihad president into office.  Obama did much to advance the cause of Islam in the USA.  I did not expect it from the Republicans.  I certainly did not expect it from Trump!  Not after his campaign promises!

What does this say about the current Republican-controlled Congress?

“That they’re an unprincipled gang of self-aggrandizers and clueless narcissists whose only interests are lining their pockets and getting reelected, not confronting hard issues or protecting the American people,” Spencer said. “Incredible disappointment that Trump has changed nothing.”

Ouch.  The article mentions the influence of globalists – who are certainly behind in every way the forced Islamization of Europe and the USA.  So now we know that – not only have they bought the Democrats, they have bought the Republicans – and now, as shocking as it may sound, they have bought Trump.

John Guandolo, former counter-terrorism specialist
with the FBI who now works as a consultant to law enforcement with Understanding the Threat, said the news is not surprising. Washington is under the full control of globalists in both parties who consider it a top priority to deny the threat of the global Islamic movement.

Trump avoids mentioning Islam
at 9/11 memorial events

This is clear evidence that Trump is now fully in the sway of the Jihadist friends in the globalist billionaires Deep State.

“Counter-state actors like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Reince Prebius. Herbert McMaster and others have done their work well.”

An Overturned Election

Do you realize what this means?  It means that the Globalist Deep State have SUCCESSFULLY overturned a US presidential election.

Think about that for a minute.  While I have lots of beefs with Trump, I do agree with his immigration ideas and his anti-Jihad thinking – you know, the ones he had while running for president.  But electing him DID NOT get us what we voted for.  Rather, it was overridden by the Deep State, with their media lackeys and Hollywood airheads.  And George Soros billions, liberally sprinkled around in Congress and other places, including Antifa and BLM.

So what, my friends, is the alternative?  We have already lost our country by normal means, it would seem.  Elections can be rigged and overthrown by brute force (it would be no easy task to force Trump to kneel).  I suspect it is going to require a revolt such as happened in Poland – millions marching in the streets.  And even then, it is not clear we can recover our country from these monsters.  What do you see as our options, patriots?

Source: GOP Congress kills legislation banning taxpayer funding of Hamas

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