Those non-existent fraudulent voters are, well, mounting up |


Several thousand Massachusetts voters double-registered in New Hampshire – enough to flip the election to Hillary and to Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan.

When you start snooping around where the real crime is going on, the criminals are going to loudly proclaim that there is nothing to see, it’s all a “vast right-wing conspiracy” to “suppress the black vote” or some such nonsense.

If illegal voting were NOT going on, the Democrats would not care one twit if it was investigated.  Who cares?  They will not find anything unless they are doing something fishy…

But no, we hear extremely strong, even violent statements insisting that there is no voter fraud, demanding that no one look.  And every effort to look or to create an effective system to monitor it is stomped into the ground, or sued by the DOJ under Obama.

Just exactly what you would expect if there was nothing to it, right?  No, just the opposite.  And now, some data is beginning to come out, and it is pretty much what Trump claimed.

I believe we will ultimately see that 2-3 million illegal votes were cast for Hillary.  I suspect we will find that Obama won via these votes, that the Democrats maintain power in cities like Chicago by similar fraud.  Not that I am a fan of the Republican “do nothing” party, you understand.  OK, so it’s worse than that:  the leadership is RINO all the way through.  Might as well be Democrats…

Source: Those non-existent fraudulent voters are, well, mounting up |

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