“Don’t Mess With Yellowstone Supervolcano” Geologists Warn NASA | Zero Hedge

 Prominent NASA scientists, fearing the worst and believing preemptive measure should be taken, have been told to back off from their plan to stop the Yellowstone super volcano from erupting by drilling into it.

Volcanos.  I have had dreams where a volcano is erupting in my back yard, and my house is on fire.  I was in the second-floor bedroom (where I lived as a child), and needed to jump out, making sure I didn’t hit a river of lava.  Wow, what a dream…

I flew in a helicopter over the Hawaii Island volcano lava flow – took some photos.  They will be posted soon on my website.

A collage of Yellowstone Park Images

I have always loved volcano movies…  There is something about the raw power of a volcano… I even remember a black and white movie from my childhood where a lava flow ran over a bunch of cave men…  In black and white, it looked more like porridge…

And of course there are those apocalyptic books…  One I read recently was actually about Yellowstone blowing…

Anyway, here we have the “smartest people in the world” (really?) who want to play with a super volcano.  It’s only a few billion, and, if it works, it will give us lots of electricity.

What they don’t say is:  if it doesn’t work, too bad, humanity.  I guess the third option is, no electricity, no effect, but lots of money down the drain…

I, for one, think maybe a “wait and see” attitude might be better.  Hey, maybe try that on a smaller volcano first?  Naw, that would not be as exciting, would it?

What do you think?  Should we allow NASA to play with the Yellowstone Super Volcano, with your money?

Source: “Don’t Mess With Yellowstone Supervolcano” Geologists Warn NASA | Zero Hedge

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