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Welcome to, the home of Beautiful Nature Photography and the Through My Lens blog

My personal website has been around for a long time.  I actually don’t really know for how long… 😉 but probably since before this century began.  It was built on a now long dead platform from Microsoft, known as FrontPage.  At the time, it was a great WYSIWYG web editor with lots of extra features, including forms, templates, and more.

Over the early years, I updated it to add a nicer template of my own design, but, with work pressing me, I never completed it.  So, the site remained “broken” for a very long time.  The main pages worked, but if you went too deep into my film image galleries, things would go la la.

I did not think I would EVER upgrade it.  I did not want to have to learn yet another (this would be my 3rd) web program (I used Microsoft Visual Studio extensively).

But then a strange thing happened to me:  WordPress and my Real Estate Agent/Friend.  He needed help to set up some blogs, so I jumped in to help, and was forced (kicking and screaming) to learn WordPress, WP Templates, and all the related stuff.  After getting him up and running, I decided to blog myself, and I set up this blog, Through my Lens.  Since I didn’t know if it was serious or not, I put it in a subdirectory of my personal website.

Well, blogging caught on to my feeble brain.  And then, oops.  My main website was old, creaking, and not very modern.  Not a nice place for my blog.  So, I started looking around for a web publishing program.  The one I already had, RapidWeaver, seemed a little too hard to learn (I am sure it is a great tool, much more powerful than my new one, but a lot more to learn, and I don’t need the extra functions).  I found a freebie in the App Store called Sparkle, which claimed to be a WYSIWYG web editor.  So, I got me a download, and started playing around with it.  After some effort, it became clear it would do the trick, and it was very easy to learn.  So I bought the “pro” upgrade.

So now, you can check out my efforts.  Total time was probably 2-3 workdays to complete the site in its current condition, which included reprocessing the film images off of a Photo CD.

I hope you enjoy it.  I will be adding more film images in the future!

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