Preparing for a Possible Carrington Event on Saturday 9/9/17

Carrington Event

In 1859, an invisible wave crashed into the Earth.

Electrons, swept up like so much detritus in the magnetic current, coursed along telegraph wires. When they met an obstacle, like the hand of a telegraph operator, they crashed through it — delivering a sharp shock.

Papers in telegraph offices caught fire. Even with batteries disconnected, operators found the giddy subatomic stream could carry their messages over vast distances. Lights danced in the sky.

Quoted from an article from Business Insider

This event was over 150 years ago, and occurred when very little electrical infrastructure existed on Earth. Not the case now. Now, we could lose the electric grid for an extended period – potentiallly even permanently (due to other factors, such as economic collapse, inability to place orders to China to build new transformers, etc.).

So far, not much from the mainstream media.  No surprise there.  Having become the Fake News Propaganda Machine for the left, this is not a story of interest. They would rather Americans not be prepared.  Good time for a revolution, huh?

Anyway, the peak in CME energy at Earth appears to be around noon EST on Saturday.  Stay tuned.  Here are my recommendations:

  • If the coming CME event is for real, before it hits, unplug everything in your house.
  • Turn off all circuit breakers in your main power box
  • Turn off the MAINS circuit breaker to disconnect you from the grid
  • Be watchful.  Your front or back yard transformer might explode, and this could cause a fire.  Be ready to extinguish – ESCECIALLY if you live in the fire-prone dry west
  • Be also alert to your neighborhood transformers.  A fire could start from any of them and would be just as dangerous to you
  • Have a battery-powered radio handy to find out what is happening
  • If a neighbor insists on keeping connected to the grid, ask them to turn on a front porch light, so you can monitor the grid that way.  A surge will likely blow out the bulb before the grid goes down

We can hope all of this is not going to happen.  We have the mess from the Texas storm, Irma approaching, and massive forest fires in the wast.  Having the grid fail now would be really REALLY bad.

For more technical info, watch this video:

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