Harvey Shows America’s Colorblind Spirit — Bad News for Race Hustlers | Frontpage Mag

Crisis reveals the real face of the American people… Imagine this: neighbors helping neighbors, irrespective of race.

According to the mainstream media, this can’t be happening.  According to BLM (Black Lives Matter), this can’t be happening.  And all of the race hustlers agreed, this can’t be happening.  This is not America, this is a right-wing lie.

But of course it is happening.  It is real.  It is America.  The REAL America.  Not the inner city of Democrat-held ghetto cities America.  When will the blacks living in the ghettos of Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and other cities held by Democrats for over 50 years, wake up and smell the coffee?  Unlikely, because the way the Democrats have held these cities for over 50 years is by constantly lying, and pointing fingers at everyone else (not in power) for the problems of the inner city.

You would think that people would realize WHO is in power, and realize that it is those in power that are causing the trouble – NOT those not in power.

Not that the Republicans are great:  their platform is great, their grassroots are pretty great, but when you get to the top, you get Ryan and McConnell, liars and RINO’s who tell the voters one thing, and do the opposite.

But the Democrat Party – the Party of the KKK – the Party that fought FOR slavery, AGAINST freedom for blacks – has always had a “plan” to control and subvert the black race.  And it continues today.

But the REAL America is not like that, in spite of the lies from the media and race-baiters.  The REAL America is color-blind.  Democrat America, however, is extremely racist.

Source: Harvey Shows America’s Colorblind Spirit — Bad News for Race Hustlers | Frontpage Mag

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