Hurricane Irma: While the West Burns…

Hurricane Irma is more powerful than all of the other major Atlantic storms this year combined, and it has an eye as large as the entire Detroit metro area. It is being reported that “upwards of 90%” of Barbuda has already been destroyed by the storm, and it is being projected that some areas of Puerto Rico could be without power “for between four and six months”.

The south is reeling from Harvey, and we are faced with another monster.  But wait, there’s more…

Meanwhile, a disaster of another sort is unfolding out west. Large portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are literally on fire. One of the reasons why we are having such a huge problem with wildfires out west is because the federal government is not properly managing public lands. So when these fires hit areas controlled by the feds, they tend to burn more intensely than they should. [Emphasis Added]

This article (link below) has some chilling information about what is happening  in the Caribbean islands – over 90% destruction.  185 MPH sustained winds, 215 MPH peaks.  WOW.  And they are not yet evacuating in Miami?  The Florida Keys is under mandatory evacuation, as is Ft. Lauderdale east of Federal Highway.

I lived through a weaker (but still very powerful) hurricane when I lived in Florida, along with tornadoes.  Fortunately, the storm changed course and mostly missed us.

My Story

My story is unusual.  I went to Home Depot to buy 4×8 plywood to put over the windows, along with concrete bolts.  Standing in line with a cart full of wood and bolts, I suddenly had a very strong, but strange feeling come over me.  Essentially, “Don’t Do This!”  “Leave the Store!”  What…?  After struggling with it for a while (the line was long), I told my wife, and after discussing it, we finally decided to heed the strong internal advice.

And the storm missed us.

Was that the Holy Spirit?  I don’t know, but if I was to guess, I would say YES.  Saved me a bundle of money and effort and agony.

Northern Idaho

The situation out west is horrific:  the air quality in Sandpoint is at the worst rating that exists (Purple).  It is actually dangerous to be outside and inhaling the smoke.  Fortunately, we have power (as well as our backup power system) and a 1 micron air filter on our heating and A/C, with has the fan in “ON” all the time to clean the air.

The policy of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, not Black Lives Matter) over the past 20-30 years indicates to me that the powers that be want to destroy this country.  For BLM, that means “let it burn!”  They claim their non-action on forest management is “ecologically based” but it is certainly not.  It is based on maximizing the danger from fire.

These are the same jokers that are using every tool in their toolbox to destroy us.  They are the same people who have been working tirelessly to eliminate God from every area of public life.  We have lost our protection.  Time for patriots to rise up, and turn this nation around before it is too late.

Source: Two Nuclear Power Plants In Florida Are Directly In The Path Of Hurricane Irma

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