Did You Know? It’s a Proven Fact that Russia Did Not Hack DNC?

I don’t know about you, but I certainly did not know that it was a PROVEN FACT that Russia was not involved in the so-called DNC hack of Hillary’s campaign emails.  Did you?

The full details are in the story below, if you have time to read it.  Here is a quick summary:

  • Download amount and speed was not possible via a remote hack, especially from overseas, which is what Guccifer 2.0 posted on June 15, when he made his first appearance.
  • Guccifer 2.0 posted the first few emails, showing “Russian” fingerprints.  However, these fingerprints were clearly only inserted on the first few – the exact ones that Gucifer 2.0 showed in his post.  It is clear – and all experts agree – that he added the fingerprints as a means to accomplish (successfully) pinning “Russian collusion” on the Trump campaign.

There is much more:  a complete timeline is shown in the article.  It is noteworthy that all the media accepted a hacker’s story with no proof – because it was what they wanted to hear.  And the FBI accepted the story from a hired gun of the DNC and did not look at the servers themselves.

A great coverup, covered up with mounds of FAKE NEWS.

It is only the independent investigators that have discovered the provable facts that show it was an inside job, not from Russia, and not with Trump-Russian collusion.  But the investigations go on, Mueller’s leftist anti-Trump Grand Jury continues unabated.  Why?  Because the only truth in this is the insistence of finding anything – ANYTHING – to impeach Trump.  Illegal as Mueller’s efforts are, no one is doing anything about that, are they?

Laws are apparently only for us non-elites.  The elites, such as Comey, Hillary, Mueller, then don’t have to worry about breaking laws.  They are protected.

Source: Intensifying Russia Probes: Why? It’s a Proven Fact that Russia Did Not Hack DNC Computers | MishTalk

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