Marxist Revolution Generator

Normal Americans in, Marxist Social Warriors Out

This should be a warning to any patriotic American.  Many, if not all socialist/marxist revolutions come out of… colleges and universities.  THEY ARE REPEATING THE PATTERN based on previous success.  They are turning our younger generation into our enemy.  By brainwashing them into this godless, sadistic, vulgar, evil, violent culture of Marxist revolution.  In addition to this particular pathway, Soros and other billionaires of his ilk are paying evil and violent men to join Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter) as an army of radicals to destroy the USA.  Combine them and you have a potential revolution.

This has been ongoing for a number of years, but the sudden violence is a result of them feeling that maybe – just maybe – they are losing in the war to destroy America.  After all, the reason, the ONLY reason that Trump won the election by a landslide was NOT that he is a great statesman, a great smooth talking politician, but that he promised to repair the sinking ship, to turn the country around from its march into globalist/Islamic oblivion.

Cartoon would be funny except it is deadly serious…  If you are supporting ANY higher education institution, you better stop and not start again until you KNOW for an absolute FACT that it is not harboring America’s death agents.

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