Jesse Jackson: Trump ‘Would Not Qualify to Get Into Jesus’ Kingdom’

Donald Trump may want to tighten requirements on immigration to the U.S., but Jesse Jackson thinks he should instead worry about citizenship in heaven.

Oh, Jesse, you are so misusing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for your own political gain.  Shame on you!

Show me the passages where Jesus shouts down the taxation of the Roman Empire?  The Slavery markets of the Roman Empire?  The violent suppression of factions fighting against the Roman Empire?

No, Jesus said “My Kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD.”  In fact, he even arranged a miracle for the disciples to pay their Roman taxes.

The Jews, including the disciples, were waiting for Jesus to overthrow Rome.  They also had it wrong.

Yes, it is true that following the “principles” of Christianity – that is, secular things that are more in line with loving people – Christians have overthrown slavery and many other evil practices, including resisting and fighting against Islam.  The church is now so disempowered by the “Jesse-like” human works centered anti-Christian religion that it no longer serves its function even here in America – as salt.

John 3:16:  Whosoever believes in me will have eternal life.”  Paul repeats this many times in the Epistles:  “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

The core Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually found in Romans.  Why is that?  In Hebrews, the writer states “Jesus was under the law, and was speaking to the Jews, under the law.”  This is a critical understanding:  what Jesus was doing was preparing the Jews for the coming but not yet New Covenant.  He did this in many ways, not the least of which was telling them that they were totally failing at keeping the law.  “You have heard it said ‘do not commit adultery’ but I say unto you, if a man looks at a woman with lust in his heart, he has committed adultery with her in his heart.”

That is a VERY HIGH standard.  Paul teaches in Romans that no one can be, has ever been, justified by the law.  Jesus came to fulfill the law.  It’s over.  Hebrews states the law is obsolete.  Romans states when we become believers, we are crucified with Christ, dying to our old self and dying to the law.  Romans also says the law causes sin to abound!

There is a famous statement, I think it is from Luther:  “Saved by Grace Alone, by Faith Alone.”  Another, more recent version:  “Jesus plus nothing equals everything.”

The key to entering the Kingdom of God is NOT human effort.  All human effort not driven from the Spirit is sin, is like dirty rags.  Romans 6 proclaims that an unbeliever is “free from righteousness.”  That is quite a statement.  An unbeliever cannot be righteous.  On the other hand, Paul proclaims that all believers have been given the gift of righteousness – they are the righteousness of God.

We confuse this by thinking that a righteous person is one that has righteous behavior.  No, that is not the righteousness that Paul is talking about.  That righteousness is a gift from God, it is who we are spiritually, with our new heart, our new spirit, and with the Holy Spirit living in us. We still must renew our minds and take captive every thought for Jesus Christ.  We still must choose to present our bodies to God as instruments of righteousness or choose to present our bodies to sin as instruments of sin.  We actually have that choice, and choosing wrong will always lead to unhappy situations and messes, pain and suffering.  Because sin is no longer congruent with who we are:  descendants of Abraham and in Christ, adopted sons and daughters, not descendants of Adam, dead to God, alive to sin.

Jesse has no comprehension of this.  He is the ultimate “works religion” teacher, and naturally, his favorite works benefits him financially and with political power.  That is human nature, that is worldly, that is sin.

Does loving the poor and needy – as Jesus asks (love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself) – truly mean that we should bring any and all into our country that wish to come, and provide them a living, housing, medical care, food – all for free?  Is that what Jesus was talking about?

Remember that Jesus was a Jew, and Jews were to be kind and considerate to travelers, but were not to sell their land to foreigners!  Whoa!  Much of the trouble in the Old Testament was because of Jews not following the law in regard to keeping separate from other races and peoples who would contaminate their practices and ruin their country.

Under the New Covenant, that is no longer an issue for us gentiles (non-Jews), but it is instructive.  In reality, if you did what the left wants – unlimited immigration – our country would ultimately cease to exist.  We are already at $20 Trillion in debt.  Supporting an unlimited number of immigrants – many of which hate our way of life, our beliefs, and have no intention of becoming Americans – is a financial burden that cannot be sustained – it is already unsustainable.  People like Jesse rake in the bucks for themselves by blackmailing corporations.  Do you see Jesse donating that money to help the poor?  No, he uses that money to build a power base.  It’s all about power and money for Jesse.

The Gospel, the New Covenant, is NOT for corporations and it is NOT for governments.  It is for individuals.  Governments and corporations are made up of people, and if they are living by the Spirit, then they will have an enormous effect on what the corporation or government does.  But is is always personal, not corporate.  Jesus did not say “form large organizations and governments  and follow my rules.”

The left – well known for hating Christians and Christianity – the left – of which Jesse is a part – loves to ‘use’ misapplication of Scripture to judge the right.  But their use of scripture is always a misuse.  For example, in the article:

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner also used biblical allusions to criticize Trump. Pesner referred to the Exodus from Egypt to compare Trump to the pharaoh who kept the Hebrews in bondage.

“And we know today that we do have the power to break the bondage of the modern pharaoh,” Pesner said.

Really?  We have slavery in the USA?  Beating them with whips when they are not working hard enough?  Are we killing their baby boys too?  What an absurd comparison to immigration policy!

Immigrants:  they have their own country, they have their own culture, but they want to come here and live for free, and that is the same thing as being slaves, being beaten, having their children killed?  Truly absurd.  But then, the left’s arguments are ALWAYS absurd.  Especially when it comes to the misuse of the Bible to justify their evil plans to destroy America.  Because that, my friend, is their goal.  How do they manage to make that a “Christian act” I wonder?  I’m sure they will come up with another absurd claim about that, too.

Source: Jesse Jackson: Trump ‘Would Not Qualify to Get Into Jesus’ Kingdom’

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