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Google got me and my colleagues kicked out of a prominent Washington think tank. Here’s why that matters.

WOW!  Unbelievable!  ME?  Posting something from far-left Huff Post?  Yup.  Even far lefties sometimes publish something that is right on.

And ME?  Having already been “declassified” and downgraded by Google search by having the audacity, the NERVE, to publish an article that criticizes them?  If you are reading this, it AIN’T because you found me by Google Search!

I, like most online groups, individuals, and organizations, are – at this point in time – prey for Google.  They consider themselves the arbiter of all things “not evil” – but actually “politically correct.”  It is not PC to criticize them – after all, they have the highest of standards, they are the ultimate white hat good guys, protecting us from all the haters out there who dare to disagree with their views.

Do I sound a tad upset?  Yup, you nailed me.  I am upset because Google is in a massive monopolistic position of power.  And, they have decided to politicize that.  They have decided that they get to decide what is good, what is not.  This is CENSORSHIP and totalitarianism.  They are destroying free speech.  They are anti-America, anti-constitution, and certainly anti-Bill of Rights.  Their lying oath to “do no harm” is a leftist joke.  They are doing MASSIVE HARM.

So Huff Post published this article about an organization Citizens Against Monopoly, which seems like a good organization to support.  If you find otherwise, please post a comment with a link to the source of the information.  I ask this because.. duh.. I don’t trust Huff Post as far as I can throw them… 🙂

The Article: Citizens Against Monopoly | HuffPost

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