Federal Islamic Government: The Proof

In a sweeping defeat for Obama-era holdovers at the U.S. Department of Justice, a federal court has tossed out a case in which the department had subpoenaed a Christian pastor’s views on Islam. The Islamic Center of Culpeper, Virginia, had already won a favorable settlement in its Obama-aided case against the city, which agreed to […]

I have often stated – against strong opposition from the left – that Obama was Islamic, was pro-Islamic, and that he instituted pro-Islamic government functions for the purpose of moving the USA toward a Islamic Republic future – part of a worldwide caliphate.  They all told me I was crazy, that I was a racist (because Obama was “black” – which is actually not entirely true, maybe 50% black), and I was an islamophobe, i.e., I was “against” the Religion of Peace.  And that means, I suppose, I was also a war monger, and naturally, a hater.

Any of you out there who have taken a position regarding the actual practices of Islam in history and today, as it works tirelessly to destroy Europe and the USA and all other religions and cultures in the world by either actual or stealth Jihad know how powerful the supporters of Islam in the press, academia, and government are:  they want you silenced, they want you gone, and they will work to that end, even if it means they have to destroy you.

Well, here is ample proof, for the faint at heart.  The DOJ has been pushing for mosques everywhere in the USA.  By legal brute force, they have overruled reasonable decisions by locals, always, ALWAYS favoring Islam, always disfavoring Christianity.

Obama claimed that this was NOT a Christian nation.  And he was on a path to make it so.  Unfortunately, his minions are still at work, and Trump – while one would think, based on his rhetoric – was going to reverse much of this – has been seemingly stopped dead in his tracks by the Deep State and its cohorts in the congress, judiciary, the press,and academia.

Many Americans – who do not take the time or effort to discover the truth about Islam – are now in a situation where they have to work a lot harder to find it, as Google – the monopolistic search engine – also favors Islam, and censors any negative comments on Islam from its search results.  Many sites have been disconnected from its search engine because they are speaking the truth about Islam.  They have done the same thing for this site – I am especially evil to them because I dared post criticism of their unconstitutional anti-free speech practice of censorship.

So now, the Americans that DO want to find out the truth about Islam cannot without major effort around Google.

We live in a culture steeped in deception and delusion, brought to you by the father of lies, via his minions the Left, the Deep State, the elite, the DNC and RINOS, the press, and academia.  The layering of lies is so deep many are totally unaware that what they believe has no relationship with reality.  This is how they destroy a country:  you get people to believe a load of bullshit, so they are unable to defend their way of life, their country:  they are Ok with it being destroyed.  Until it is, and they realize what they lost.  Oh, then the crying begins:  why oh why didn’t someone tell me?

Europe is much farther along its road to suicide.  Will Americans wake up from the induced slumber of delusion before it is too late?

The evidence is clear:: DOJ subpoenas Christian pastor’s views on Islam

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