Where is the Outcry?  Islamic Republic refuses to free slaves

Where is the international outcry? In the U.S., the Left is enraged over 100-year-old statues of slaveowners, but what about the real live slaves suffering today in Mauritania? Would caring about them be “Islamophobic”? We constantly hear in the West that Islam forbids slavery, but reality is otherwise.

The BLM/progressive focus on 100+ year-old slavery in the USA is a manufactured issue.  Manufactured to fit a narrative that they which to impose on America.  It’s also known as Amerika, communist/marxist version of America, where Venezuelan style utopia can reign supreme, along with mass killings and starvation.

America is – along with England – one of two countries that not only banned slavery, and fought a war against it (actually, two wars – the Barbary Coast wars on which our Marines “to the shores of Tripoli” was written, and of course the Civil War).  Slavery was a world-wide standard at the time.  It STILL IS in Moslem countries.  It STILL is part of true Islam.  Why?  Because Mohammad had slaves, and (according to Islam) Mohammad was “the perfect man.”  Thus, slavery can NEVER EVER be abolished under Islam!  That’s right – if you dare to suggest that, you are a blasphemer against “the prophet” of Islam and Allah.  Death is your punishment.

If BLM and the leftists in the media, academia and everywhere you look these days were REALLY against slavery, they would FIRST look to eliminating it TODAY.  But they are NOT against slavery!  They are against America, against free enterprise, against white people, against Christianity.

It’s like claiming you are against genocide, but you ignore it when it is happening in Africa, or in the genocidal statements frequently repeated by Iran and other Islamic sources against non-Moslems, and Israel, in particular.  That does not count.  It is only past deeds of long-dead white people who must be fought against.

It’s all a straw man, it’s there to keep your attention away from what they are really pushing:  the overthrow of America, of free-enterprise, of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The American Way of Life.  Based on… you guessed it… Christianity.

Source: Defying international pressure, Islamic Republic of Mauritania refuses to free slaves

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