Can People Really REALLY be this stupid?

The right way to watch an eclipse…

This just in from the People’s Republic of California:

According to one nurse practitioner in California who spoke to KRCR-TV, patients actually presented at urgent care complaining of eye pain because — and I can’t believe I’m going to write the words I’m about type — they put sunscreen on their eyes because they didn’t have glasses.

Suntan lotion on your EYEBALLS?  WHAT?  No, that can’t be right:  nobody can be that stupid!  Nobody!  Not even died-in-the-wool leftists!

Oooops.  Nope, I guess I am wrong.  They CAN BE that stupid!

First of all, read the fine print:  DON’T GET THIS IN YOUR EYES!  WASH OUT IMMEDIATELY!  Duh.  They can’t read.

And then, if you have ever accidentally got just a tiny bit of suntan lotion in your eyes, it STINGS and BURNS.  So these idiots STILL did it!  Oh, ignore the stinging and burning!  It doesn’t mean anything!  Sure, you could lose your eyesight, but you certainly DON’T want to miss a solar eclipse!!!

And looking at the sun?  Directly?  Ooooh!  That kinda hurts… Oh, just ignore it, you wimp!  Sure, you could go blind, but you DON’T want to miss a solar eclipse!  After all, it might be the last big thing you get to see in your lifetime!

The firs time I heard this story, I thought it was a joke.  Nobody, but NOBODY could be that stupid!  I was wrong.

I should have known better.  Considering the other things these same people believe, such as “socialism works!”  Right.  Let’s make the USA a utopia like Venezuela and Cuba…

Source: Californians Had Special Way to View the Eclipse… Now Hospitals Are Filling up

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