The Spirit of Mao is Alive and Well

The Left’s Cultural Revolution accelerates.

The “Cultural Revolution” of the Left and BLM is upon us.  Al “Baby” Sharpton targets the Jefferson Monument.

That anyone would care what a racial-hoax-generating charlatan thinks of Jefferson’s legacy is a revealing and sad commentary on the profound damage that eight long years of Barack Obama’s racial agitations inflicted on America. Sharpton himself is a living example of this ugliness and depravity; recall that President Obama made the vile so-called community leader a trusted confidant and brought his friends, the pro-cop-killer leaders of Black Lives Matter, to the White House as honored guests.

One of the key components of any Marxist/Maoist “cultural” revolution is the erasure of any and all history that might one to consider a negative thought about the revolution.  This has a lot of similarity to the approach Islam takes when taking over a land:  they destroy all vestiges of the previous culture, including statues, buildings, whatever evidence of a previous non-Islamic world.  Why?  Because Islam, like Leftism, cannot stand if criticism is allowed.  It can only stand if all views other than its own are eradicated.  Destroyed.  All thought other than their thoughts must not be allowed, threats of death and actual killings must be used to enforce the suppression of other ideas.

I have been aware for most of my 70 years of life of the elaborate plan of communists worldwide and in our own country to overthrow the USA.  Plans included “separating us” from our founders and our history, and of course our God.  This sets a people adrift – they know not who they are or what they came through or why, and are easy prey for bold deception.  And today, we have bold, deep deception at all levels of public life:  the Fake Media, Fake Government (aka Deep State), Fake Acedemia, Fake “freedom” and Fake “anti-fascism” movements, even Fake “anti-racism” movements, like Sharpton and BLM.

At this point, we have only a little resistance, in the form of so-called white supremacists.  Some are undoubtably white supremacists.  Others are standing with them because they are the only ones standing up to this evil attack on our way of life.

It’s time to discard the supremacists and stand up for American values, including our history, our founders, and our God.  Or, we can just fade into the dustbin of history, a once great nation, overrun by rabble and barbarians.

Which do you choose?

Source: Sharpton Targets The Jefferson Memorial

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