Desperately Needed:  Anti-Moslem Backlash

It’s the same after every jihad attack: the establishment media goes into high gear to make sure that no one thinks that Islam had anything to do with it, and that Muslims at the place where the jihad massacre occurred are now living in fear of an “anti-Muslim backlash” that seldom, if ever, actually materializes. The intention is always to keep the focus on Muslims as victims, not as perpetrators of jihad atrocities, so that no effective legal steps are taken to deal with those atrocities.

Isn’t the pattern set now, so you know exactly what is going to happen after an Islamic Terrorist attack?

You will hear “it has nothing to do with Islam.”  You will hear “the police are looking for a motive” for the attacker shouting “Allah Akbar” as he murders the infidel victims.  Yes, the police and authorities are always looking for the motive, because it certainly CAN’T BE Islam!  After all, it is THEY that are chanting “nothing to do with Islam” and “Islam is a religion of peace.”

Clearly, they actually believe their own lies.  Because that is the only explanation for ignoring the huge Islamic jihad elephant in the room.  You have to believe that such an elephant does not exist, and therefore, what you see is not there.

Imagine a group of people that have a particular plan for the human race.  It can be anything:  racism, communism, fascism, it really does not matter.  They decide the only way to get their way, to force their beliefs on the rest of humanity, is to kill people (terrorize them) until they give in to their demands.  So they start killing.  And then, the news media defend them!  The news media worries that there might be a backlash against them!  They claim that the murders have nothing to do with what they believe, because they are peace-loving.  What?  What kind of insanity is this?  Imagine, for a minute, if you will, that the group I am describing were Christians wanting to establish a Christian theocracy.  Can you imagine the reaction in the media, by the elite?  You would NEVER hear the end of it!

So why is it that Islam is so protected?  Why do they get covered by the press when they carry out horrific acts of murder and terror?

Could it be because the press, the elites, are after the same thing, and figure the Jihadists will do it for them?  And what is that?  To bring down the ONLY blockage to world government, the USA under its original constitution.  To be replaced by what?  Totalitarianism of one sort or another, run by – you guessed it – the all-wise elites.

There is a small fly in that ointment.  The elite believe they can “use” Islam to get their world government.  What they don’t realize is Islam will also “get” them.  How do I know?  Read Revelation.  It’s all there.  Satan’s last stand against God and Jesus is Islamic Caliphate, not a godless elite state.

So again I say:  we need backlash.  We need it against BLM, against Antifa, against Islam, against the Deep State.  All of them are about the satanic task of destroying the freedoms won by our forefathers.  Rise up, True Americans, before you are overrun!

Source: Barcelona “backlash” fears: “In the end Muslims are the main victims”

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