Maine Harbor May 2006

Boats in a Maine harbor awaiting their owners, May 2006

Maine is a beautiful state – there is no question.  This particular panorama sat on my computer for 11 years, and finally I got around to stitching it.  It was not an easy task.  Photoshop would not do it.  After 1 slightly failed attempt using PowerStitch (running on Windows 7 on my Mac under VMware Fusion), I managed to adjust it to get an almost perfect stitch.  I did need to adjust a single boat, which I did in Photoshop.  Then I did the post processing in my favorite imaging program, Luminar by Macphun.  The result speaks for itself!  The full-size version is over 11,000 pixels wide!  It was captured using a Canon 20D with six portrait photos.

See if you can figure out which boat I had to “fix”…

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