Maine Coast Serenity

A Serene Maine Coast Farm, May 2009

Driving up the coast of Maine toward Arcadia National Park is quite a beautiful experience.  Often, I capture crashing waves on upturned sandstone and other rocks along the coast.  But there are many other things of beauty to see.  Here, we stopped along the road to view an old farm building, with a lake.  In the background, you can see the Atlantic Ocean, and some of the mountains which look similar to those found in Arcadia National Park, farther north.

This photo was stitched from six portrait photos using an old Windows 98 stitching program, PowerStitch.  I fall back on this program when Photoshop fails me.  PowerStitch uses spherical space rather than rectilinear space, which makes it easier to handle larger panoramas and wide angle lenses.  In this case, I was using telephoto, so I am not sure why Photoshop would not stitch the image.  PowerStitch became a non-product many years ago when it was abandoned by its creator, so if you can find a copy, it is free.  However, you do have to tell Windows to run it in a 98 environment.  Note:  I only run Windows for this program, as I am a Macintosh user.  The image was post-processed using Luminar and Photoshop.

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