EU Insanity: Why Europe is Lost

“Europe is and must remain the continent of solidarity where those fleeing persecution can find refuge”.

Read the above quote from the President of the European Commission again, slowly.  Do you see it?

Here is a very smug, above the fray, know-it-all, wealthy and safe behind guarded walls elite globalist speaking nonsense.  Why nonsense?  He talks about “solidarity” just like a Marxist.  And who is he talking about?  All those fleeing persecution?  And who, exactly, is fleeing persecution?  believe me, it is NOT Christians – who are being murdered and tortured and raped daily – he is talking about.  It is Moslems.  The very ones doing the murdering, raping, and torturing.  Are they looking for refuge?  No, they are not.  They are looking for a free ride, the jizya tax they are owed by the inferior Infidels.  And, they are looking to take Europe for Allah.

This comment, and others in his “state of the union” speech are so radically disconnected from reality it is hard to believe someone can actually utter them with a streight face.  But this is the state of globalism, leftism and elitism.  They are so very certain of their views, reality does not matter.  They are powerful enough to force their concept of what reality should look like onto the world – so they think.

The article (link below) describes the speech by this self-important man, and it is full of similar nonsense.  This is called “leadership” in the West today.  It is why the West is doomed.  These people have no idea what reality is, and believe they are safe from the necessary outcome of their ridiculous and dangerous, suicidal policies.  However, they are not safe.  What a shock is coming to these high and mighty when their world falls apart around them.  They, of course, will be “surprised.”

Look carefully at the photo.  Look at the expressions on their faces.  These are people supremely confident that they are the saviors of the world, they are supremely righteous and moral in their views and beliefs and their policies they are inflicting on the people of Europe.  They feel no pain.  They are righteous.

Not so for many Europeans being murdered and raped by the barbarians these elites have unleashed on them.

I want to throw up.

Read the article here: EU: Delusions without Borders

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