Capital Reef Rock Formations

Utah is one of my favorite states for photography.  It has Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Arches, Capital Reef, and more – all in one state!  And each of these National Parks are worthy of thousands of photos each, over and over again, through seasonal changes, weather changes, lighting changes, and location changes.

This particular photo shows the almost organ pipe like structures on one of the back roads in Capital Reef.  Everything is red except the plants.  So much so it is hard to believe that the color is real.  Believe me, it is.  The camera did not have a hiccup when taking this photo.  Actually, many cameras will dramatically reduce the red in a vain attempt to  bring about “white balance” – which of course is totally impossible in such a scene.  Those cameras destroy the image, but you can – carefully – restore the original color in your digital darkroom.  In this case, I had to reduce the red, because it seemed to me – even knowing what I saw – it was too red.

A well worth it visit to Utah should be in your photographic future!

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