Delusion, Selfishness and Greed Revealed

Chelsea Clinton Exposes Her True Nature

This post can’t be real, can it?  Can anyone be so hateful, so insensitive, so lost in their delusion, greed, selfishness, and the irony of her own existence and behavior as this?

Apparently so.  Hard to believe.  Does she think she is “colored?”  Maybe black?  She is the ultimate spoiled brat, privileged beyond any reasonable measure by her parents thievery and conning.  They stole millions away from the Haiti Relief program, they stole from the White House when they left, they arranged special deals via their foundation for political favors, and the primary purpose for her being Sec State was to rob America.  It was only Wikileaks that ended that, by losing the election.  They could no longer give out American lives and money to enrich themselves.

So she has a table worth more than a million bucks?  Paid for by American donors to Haiti?  Paid for by American taxpayers via criminal activity of her parents?  And she does not get it – admitting that fact (if indeed it is a fact – the Clintons do not seem to be able to discern truth from fiction no matter how hard they might try) in her hatred of Trump shows exactly what kind of privileged white girl she is.  And how heartless and unkind she is.  If she had a single loving brain cell, maybe she would have said:  “Big Deal.  I gave $2 Million!”  Nope.  NOT A CENT.  After all, it’s ALL ABOUT HER.

Thank GOD that Hillary did not win the election!  While Trump has many faults, at least he is not insanely selfish, greedy and heartless like the Clintons.

One thought on “Delusion, Selfishness and Greed Revealed

  1. After some research, it would appear that this posting (the graphic) was “constructed” to make it look like Chelsea is a complete idiot. There is currently no evidence that she actually posted this. That could be because she took it down, or it could be that someone created it to make her look bad. Thus, I withdraw my comments. I did not delete the post, because I think that would be dishonest on my part to pretend that I never posted this, but rather recanted due to lack of evidence.

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