The Inquisition is Back!

The Human Race has not changed one bit from the “Dark Ages.”  Sure, we have technology, we have smart phones, television, high speed internet, even GPS and space stations.  But it’s the same ol’ sin nature at work, wanting to force everyone else into thinking exactly the same as me.

What religious struggle am I talking about?  Climate Change Religion.  That’s right, it’s not about the Pope in Rome this time.  It’s about a new god, Al Gore, and his inconvenience.  Yes, Al, will you please go back to your 10,000 sq ft mansion, and turn off the A/C and the lights, please?  And stop flying the private jet around, will ya?  Oh, I forgot.  Al, being a god, can do that and have no carbon footprint at all!  Amazing, huh?

Yup.  If you disagree with me, to jail with you!  At least these “changers” are not trying to saw off our heads because we don’t believe in their religion.  Or kill us because we are the wrong color (white).  So not (yet) as passionate and fierce in their “changers” religion.  Just wait…

Oh, and Al, for a god, you eat too much.  Lose about 100 lbs.  It makes you look too much like the “um” guy tossing nukes around…

Source: Vice Editor: ‘Climate Change Denial Should Be A Crime’

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