Mob Rule or Rule of Law?

If local authorities won’t do it, the Federal government must.Freedom of Assembly is the first and most important right of the Bill of Rights. Today it is being denied in cities like Berkeley and Portland where local left-wing governments have contrived to deny rally permits while giving the masked thugs of their leftist Antifa allies a blank check to assault those whose views they oppose.

I remember Kent State.  The government sent in troops to put down the violent demonstrations.  Some “students” were even shot.  But the violence was ended.

There are many other examples in American history – some of which are listed in the article below.  But over the past 10 years, it would appear to me that local and state governments have become so leftist-leaning in their thinking that they no longer attempt to stop leftist violence in their streets, no longer protect freedom of assembly, or freedom of speech.  In fact, exactly the opposite.

Truly, this situation has rapidly developed over the past 8 years,let’s be clear.  It is one of the consequences of Obama and his lawlessness in the White House, and his constant insistence that the USA is extremely racist.  The opposite of the truth.  Racial hatred has blossomed under his presidency, identity politics took over, and now, we have large segments of our country where the Constitution is no longer in force.

California, under Democrat rule, has become a rogue state ruled by leftist mobs and their political godfathers, where there are a million regulations, but no rule of law, where there is a code for everything, but where the Constitution no longer operates.

Rather, we have the so-called “Antifa” thugs in control, along with their friends, who believe, as they do, that violence is the way to force America to become Amerika.  The socialist utopian dream.  Gee, we could be just like Venezuela!  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Starving is so much fun!

Check out the article below.  My response to the author’s conclusion that Trump aka the US Government needed to step in to stop this as it has in the past, knowing what I know about the Deep State and the media, was “FAT CHANCE.”  What do you think?  Do you think Trump should?  Do you think Trump will?

Source: The Time Has Come To Stop The War On Free Speech | Frontpage Mag

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