Iguazu Falls from Brazil

There are miles of waterfalls emptying into the Igauzu River.  The largest of them is known as Iguazu Falls.  The Iguazu River is the border between Brazil and Argentina at the location of the falls, and this shot was taking from the Brazil side.

When we decided to travel to Iguazu during our 2-week vacation in Argentina, it was a 2-night stay.  We flew from Buenos Aires, and stayed at a local hotel.  Before we left Buenos Aires, we checked to see what we would need to enter Brazil, and we were told they would have to take our passports for a week to get a visa.  Naturally, we declined – we were going back to the States in less than a week!

So, we went on our way, assuming we could not get into Brazil.  Once we arrived at the airport, there was a bus to take us to the hotel.  On the bus, a tour guide asked “Does anyone want to go to the Brazil side?”  We said “Of course, but we don’t have visa’s!”  His response:  “That’s OK – we can take care of that for you.  It’s $100 per person.”

And that he did.  Crossing the border either way required washing our shoes off in some antiseptic water.  The car had to drive through it, also (that is because, you know, the dirt from the other country has cooties…).  I guess they don’t know about wind…  And how fast cooties can run!

So, after all the cooties were off our shoes and the tires, we were allowed entry.  Dunno how much dinero was passed under the table… 🙂

The Brazil side was definitely worth going to!  Going back, same deal – they do all the talking, we stay mum.  And, of course, washed off the cooties…

Iguazu Falls was so hot and humid that I could not put the lens cap on my camera – it would fog over.  Likewise, I could not hold the viewfinder to my eye – it would fog over.  So, I had to hold the camera about an inch out and shoot.  I managed OK, sweating like a pig….

A very well worth it tourist destination!  I highly recommend it!

Check out the Three Sisters, also part of Iguazu!

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