Cultural Marxism Running Amok in America

Why the Left hates the president and the nation he heads.

If eighty percent of corporate executives are white, that is prima facie evidence of what the left calls “institutional racism,” even though there are no racists pulling strings to keep non-white people down. Racism is redefined as defending the invisible system – e.g., the system of standards – that allegedly perpetuates these disparities. But note the hypocrisy. If 95% of the multimillionaires in the National Basketball Association or the National Football League are black, no one regards these as anything but disparities based on merit.

What is “cultural Marxism” anyway?  It is, among other things, identity politics.  Collectivism, or group identity.  You “deserve” things because of the group you are in.  Specifically, if you are “white” then you are an oppressor, a racist:  by definition.  If you are non-white, you are the oppressed, and it is “impossible” for you to be racist.  Any and all religions – especially the religion of murder – are good, Christianity, individual freedom, individual, merit based society is anathema.  Even though merit systems are the only ones that actually work.

The unexamined premise of the argument that regards white Americans as racists is that statistical disparities are all the result of oppression. But who is oppressed in America? There are an estimated 65 million refugees in the world today fleeing oppression, but not one of them is fleeing oppression in the United States. Why do Haitians and Mexicans risk life and limb to come to America? To be oppressed? They come because in America they have more rights, more privileges and more opportunities than they would in Mexico and Haiti, which have been governed by Hispanics and blacks for a hundred years and more.

The reality that the academic theory of faculty leftists tries futilely to deny is that America is the least racist most tolerant multi-ethnic, multi-racial society in the history of the world. America has outlawed racial supremacies of any kind. The only group oppressed in America are illegal immigrants who cannot defend themselves because they have already put themselves on the wrong side of the law. For everyone else, the law – the civil rights laws – are their protector.

We are at war.  Again.  Against the same enemy:  Communism.  Marxism.  Leftism. Progressivism.  Collectivism.  Utopianism.  Whatever name or label you want to give to it.  This “system” we are at war with – the system that wishes to enslave us, to eradicate everything that built the greatest civilization since the world began – is based on a deep delusion, grandiose lies, and mind-numbing propaganda and emotion.  It is totally disconnected from reality, from cognitive thought, and is completely unable to defend itself in any rational way (thus the irrational, emotional and deceptive mind-numbing propaganda).  The need for “safe spaces” tells it all.  No discussion is possible, no alternate views can be allowed, because if they were, reality might break through and it would all come apart is a messy heap.  Gee, just like Islam.  They – like the leftists – also cannot have any discussion, questioning, criticism, or thinking.  Two peas in a pod.

Communism and Islam are natural allies:  they both require mindless submission.

Christianity and freedom are natural allies because the entire purpose of Jesus’ work on the cross was to set us free.

The left and its supporters (the media, the deep state, academia) are determined to enslave and destroy.  Are you going to allow that ot happen, or are you going to stand up?

Source: The Racist Attacks on America and Trump

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