Statue Tyranny

Either all the statues go or they all stay.

The insanity of the left accelerates.  The double standards intensify.  It’s OK to have statues of anti-Semitic Nazi supporters, but not Jefferson.  Where will it stop?  It will not.  It is an ongoing effort to erase America.

It is truly astonishing that, in a mere 40 years, we have gone from Reagan to the Deep State, BLM, Antifa, Safe Spaces, attacks on freedom of speech, and a rush toward totalitarianism by the unthinking, brainwashed, emotion-driven, holier-than-thou Justice Warriors of the left and their Globalist and Islamic Jihad buddies.

After 100 years of planning and working on their plan, they have finally succeeded in destroying America.  Is it too late?  YES IT IS TOO LATE.  The Deep State has effectively captured and imprisoned Trump, and are running amok everywhere we look.  People can proclaim “kill white people” and “White people are all racists” with little or no ripples.  Hordes of barbarians continue to infest our country.  The wall will never be built.  Obamacare will never be repealed,  Satan has captured both political parties, the media, the universities and colleges, the governments, both state and federal, most mainline denominations, gee, what is left?

The American people who voted for Trump.  They still represent over 50% of the legal population.  This same set of citizens still believe in Jesus (at various levels of understanding) and still believe in America and the rule of law.  They see America being destroyed.  Will they rise up and defend it?

No, they will not, or so it seems at this point.  I dearly hope I am wrong, but I look at Europe and see no hopeful signs that the beleaguered people there, under attack daily from Islam and their own government flunkies, complain in private, don’t dare to criticize in public.

Our generation – one generation after the “greatest generation” – has witnessed the rise and fall of America.  Now, what is left is the coming bloodbath and collapse.  Perhaps you should consider preparing for that.

And yes, I know this is a very dark post, but from where I sit, I had hoped Trump was strong enough to fight the Deep State.  He failed.

Source: All the Statues Must Go

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