Google Manipulates Search Results to Conceal Criticism of Islam and Jihad

Suleiman says:    “I don’t think Google has a responsibility to portray Muslims positively. I think Google has a responsibility to weed out fear-mongering and hate groups but I don’t want Google to silence critique of Islam, or critique of Muslims.”

The problem with this is that neither Suleiman, nor Hamas-linked CAIR, nor anyone else who has ever said that there was a distinction between legitimate criticism of Islam and “hate-filled Islamophobia” has ever identified anyone they think is a legitimate critic of Islam without being “Islamophobic.”

Google Censoring in the News… Again

The inability of Google, the mainstream media, our own and EU’s governments, and leftists in general to distinguish between “hate speech” and criticism is truly horrific.  It has become the case that if you disagree with them about anything, you are a hater, and then the list of shame words are applied:  racist, islamophobe, etc.

The real purpose of all this is to silence all points of view other than their own.  It is interesting to note the change over time in the technique used by the left:   When they were a small minority in our country, they demanded “free speech” so they could criticize Western Civilization.  But now that they control the mainstream media, the Deep State, academia, and a good percentage of the dumbed down American population (not to mention the millions of illegals), now they turn to suppression of dissenting views.

Gee, where have I seen that same practice before?  Well, for one, it is the same process Islam uses as it’s influence grows in a culture.

Hmmm…  what do you suppose that connection is all about?

And BTW, I have taken the time to try searching for “jihad” and “taqiyya” on Google, Yahoo, and to see the difference.  Yes, Yahoo is censoring also.  More information in the story below.

Source: Google Manipulates Search Results to Conceal Criticism of Islam and Jihad – ACT for America

And let’s add Facebook to the Bad Actors List…

I normally post my blogs to my Facebook page and Twitter accounts.  When you post an article or page or post to FB, it normally immediately loads tha page and a photo, as part of your post.  I noticed right away that they did not do that.  In fact, the edited my link!  They removed the reference to this blog post, making the link a generic link to my home page.

Sneaky and evil.  I then copied the link myself, and used my iPad FB app to post to my FB page.  Again, it would not load this page.  It would, however, allow the link to be seen and clicked on.

Things are going down hill fast.  Free speech?  What’s that?  Islam?  Oh, yes, a “religion of peace” – which has Nothing To Do with all the murders and horrific violence you see!  Yes, it must be those evil conservatives aka white supremicists and Christians!

That is what the goal is:  to make you believe that utter lie.  Wake Up America, before you are no longer America!

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