Purple Defined

This photo was taken in 2001 when on vacation using a condo of a friend at Sea Ranch, California.  It was a beautiful time to get away from all of the activity at Apple.  I call this “Purple Defined” because it is the “most” purple thing I have ever photographed.

I have a large body of work done with film – mostly Kodak Gold color negative film.  Much of it was scanned using a Kodak Photo CD Scanner, when I was at Apple, and later, from a film supplier/photo processor.

My last Photo CD’s were created in 2003.  It is now a mere 14 years later, and … PhotoCD?  What is that?  Yup.  Photoshop used to automatically recognize PhotoCD’s.  The Mac, likewise.  No longer.  It is a dead format.  And I only have about 110 of them, each with about 110 images – about 11,000 images in all.

Fortunately, there was a single app in the app store that can import from Photo CD’s.  Wow.

Before the PhotoCD, I mostly did slide film, and projected them.  In my 8 years in Florida, they all were destroyed by the humidity.  Note:  Kodak slides fared much better than Agfachrome.  I used a LOT of Agfachrome because it did purple much better than Kodachrome or Ektachrome.  Sigh.  All lost.  Probably another 10,000 images.

Which gets us back to Purple Defined.  Kodak Royal Gold did a great job with Purple, as you can see…

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