We’ve Entered New Age of Christian Martyrdom

RepublishReprint (Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The U.S. State Department released a report that found North Korea is guilty of persecuting people for their faith and political ideology. The report said the has between 80,000 and 120,000 political prisoners, with some of those people being held because of their religious beliefs. Colonel Ralph Peters joined Shannon Bream […]

As you probably know, there is ongoing persecution of Christians in virtually every Moslem-dominated country, as well as where Moslems are in the process of taking over (such as the EU).  This includes rape, murder by various horrible means (burning alive, drowning in cages, disembowelment, cutting apart, crucifying, and some to horrible to name here), and of course, enslavement, such as sex slavery, and other forms of slavery.  Slavery is alive and well in Islamic countries, as it is supported by their so-called “holy” books.

North Korea is another area – one of those, like China – where it is not Islam doing the persecution.  It is becoming clear that persecution is beginning here in America, as well.  Leftists and Islamists are claiming that Christians are “worse than Islamic terrorists” for example.  This is just the beginning.

So yes, we have entered a new era of Christian martyrdom – just as predicted in the Bible before Jesus comes back in force to rule with an iron rod.  Read more below, and watch the video:

PERSECUTION: Col. Says We’ve Entered New Age of Christian Martyrdom – Liberty Headlines

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