The “Alt Left?”

The president won’t let the racist and violent Left off the hook for Charlottesville violence.

Suppressed Facts

Here is a little-known fact (why is it little-known?  Because the media and their leftist supporters DO NOT want you to know this):

But left-wingers who descended in force on the rally site attacked people with bats and clubs, a fact President Trump stubbornly clings to despite intense pressure from the media and the rest of the Left to drop it. The people holding the “Unite the Right” rally may not all have been upstanding citizens, but holding and expressing views that are unpopular, even widely considered to be morally repugnant, is no reason to deprive those people of the right to express themselves in public.

The media and the leftists want to portray this event as an attack solely by a “white supremacist” group that is actually minuscule compared to the leftists groups antifa and BLM and similar groups.  But they do not want you to know it was a joint effort of violence by both alt-left and alt-right.

What is “alt-left?”

Alt-left, a play on the phrase alt-right, has been popularized by conservatives such as WND’s Joseph Farah and radio and TV host Sean Hannity, an ardent defender of President Trump. Both alt- phrases aren’t easily defined and are hurled as epithets, though alt-left seems to have even less of a fixed meaning than alt-right.

Academic Paul Gottfried is credited with coining the term “alt-right” in 2008. He wrote that he gave a speech in which he called “for an ‘Alternative Right’ to combat the high degree of neoconservative control over the intellectual Right.” Left-wingers say alt-right refers exclusively to white-nationalists, white-supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the like.

The alt-left, which is “racist to its core,” is “a movement of phony self-righteousness and ‘compassion’ that it uses to gain power,” Farah has written. “It will do anything and say anything to achieve its goal of hammerlock control not only of government, but every significant cultural institution – from schools, universities and the press to churches, foundations, Hollywood and unions.”

Whether it flowed from the alt-left or the plain old Left, there was a great deal of leftist violence at the site of the “Unite the Right” rally, as John Hinderaker has documented.

So really, both “alt-Right” and “alt-Left” are squishy terms.  One is used falsely to affix a “white supremacist” label on all conservatives, the other is to label the “old left” as racist to the core, as Farah so eloquently claims.

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