How totalitarianism is winning the west

It’s called divide and conquer.

Melanie Phillips is an extraordinarily perceptive English writer on the ongoing process of the West’s self-destruction.  This article should raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

She describes a process where the far left and far right have joined in their effort to destroy democracy.  On the far left, you have the current DNC, much of the media, such as NYT, WaPo, CNN, etc., and CAIR and other Islamic groups.  While their goals are different (create a socialist utopia vs. create a Islamic utopia), their methods are perfectly aligned:  destroy America from within.

On the far right is a similar lunatic group composed of “white nationalists” aka newnazis (see photo above) and KKK.  Thees are also Facists, just like the leftists and the so-called “antifa” on the far left.

The so-called far right white supremicists are a tiny group compared to almost any other group – certainly compared to the many leftist groups supporting the destruction of America from within for “social  justice.”  But now, the collusion between the far left and far right is being used as a weapon against the center.

Read her article here:  How totalitarianism is winning in the west |

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