The Invasion of Sanctuary Canada

A Somali immigration minister and an open border.

This is an interesting report on an ongoing invasion of Canada by the unruly and violent so-called refuges that have either been refused in the USA or feel threatened by Trump’s administration.  They also feel welcomed by the Trudeau administration.  Bless his bleeding heart.  A sanctuary country.

Why are the bleeding hearts so willing to welcome violent and demanding Islamists who clearly hate their way of life and despise their own people?  Why are they so willing to put so many at risk, so they can “feel good” about themselves?  Oops.  I gave it away.  Yes, feeling good about themselves is all important.  It’s their drug.  It’s proof of their moral superiority.  It’s a bald-faced lie, but they will never see it.

So we begin the destruction into a failed state to our north.  It isn’t enough that we have a failed state to our south.  And our European brothers are also failing.  No, we have to make sure we all go down in flames.

Read the details using the link below.  Just more leftist insanity.  Nothing to see here…

Source: The Invasion of Canada

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