Sessions, Chicago, and Leftist lawlessness

They have demonstrated an open hostility to enforcing laws designed to protect law enforcement — Federal, state, and local — and reduce crime, and instead have adopted an official policy of protecting criminal aliens who prey on their own residents.

The DOJ is cutting funds for cities that refuse to enforce federal law.  Chicago is suing the DOJ.

The amazing thing to me is that so many “liberals” are eager to defend the “rights” of illegals and criminals, with no regard to the safety of citizens.  In other words, they support lawlessness.  What…?  How can this be?  Whatever happened to the whole idea of liberal?

This is not liberal.  The old liberal appears to be dead.  This is anarchy.  Hatred for law.  Hatred for their own kind.  A death wish for their own culture.  This is truly insanity, and yet, it is widely regarded as “politically correct.”  It is the same sickness and insanity that drives the EU and governments in most western Europe countries to bring in people who hate their way of life, who rape and murder their citizens, and who are allowed to get away with it.  All for “political correctness.”

And, the people who are being abused appear to have been beat down, told to just take it.  It’s time to ask some serious questions.

Q: Why are so-called liberals so eager to destroy Western culture by supporting lawlessness, and supporting unfettered foreign immigration into our country?  Even as recent as Bill Clinton’s presidency the idea was expressed that this was bad for our country.  What has changed?

What has changed is Obama.  Eight years of Obama.  Eight years of far left ideology from all parts of the government, the media, the elite.  Eight years of government by decree, who cares about the Constitution.  Seems hard to believe, but those 8 years of transition from relative sanity to complete and total insanity on the left marks a significant transition for our country.

It has led to a constant war against anyone who does not tow the leftist dogma.  There is constant war against the President, against conservatives, against Christians.  It is in full bloom.  It is as if some magic evil switch has been moved from “OFF” to “ON” in a mere 8 years.  No holds barred anymore.  We here “Kill the President – please, someone, do it for us!”  This kind of sedition was unknown before Obama.

Where will it lead?  What do you think?

Source: Statement by Attorney General Sessions on the City of Chicago’s Lawsuit Against the U.S. Department of Justice | OPA | Department of Justice

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