Cedar Trail Waterfall

There are many places to visit in Glacier National Park.  Besides the main attraction of the “Going to the Sun” road that goes through the park and the mountain range, you have many lakes and hiking paths available.

One of them is called Cedar Trail.  This is on the Western side of the park, and is an easy hike.  From this trail, there are other trails that are more difficult.

This particular waterfall lights up like the photo only for a brief time each day, and only for certain times of the year.  It requires the sun to be in a precise location.  Fortunately, not knowing that, I took a series of photos as I passed by, not realizing I was seeing something that only appeared briefly during the particular days I was in the park.

I discovered this on the way back a mere 10 minutes later.  The light has passed, and there was essentially nothing to see.

One of the lessons learned from this and other experiences is this: if you see it, capture it, because it will go away, and there is no guarantee you will ever see it again.

Keep that in mind the next time you see a stupendous sight.  Don’t wait, get your phone or camera and capture the moment!

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