Going to the Sun to Logan’s Pass

Logan’s Pass is at the top of the world in Glacier National Park.  At least, as far as the road is concerned.  If you find yourself vacationing at the park, make sure to stop and hike at Logan’s Pass:  the views are incredible!  During the peak season, it can take more than an hour to get to the pass due to heavy traffic.  If you are truly unlucky, some dense soul will be ahead of you in an RV that is longer than the clearly marked 25 foot length.  These poor dense souls believe they can ignore those signs because they are really good at driving their RV.  That is, until they get to the hairpin turns…  And then, look out below!  Traffic is stopped until the rangers can arrange to get the RV back down the mountain in the same direction from which it came.  This can be quite tricky, because you can’t turn around except at a few places up the mountain.

We managed to get stuck in that situation one of the days we took the road to the sun.  I clearly remember passing the stuck RV on the way down the mountain.  I have no idea how long it was there blocking traffic coming up the mountain.

The road is safe and an easy drive FOR A CAR, but I would not try it even in a 25 foot RV myself.

Going to the Sun!  A road trip with lots of possible stops for photos and hikes!  Well worth your time and attention!

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