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If you haven’t heard of Melanie Phillips, you have been missing some excellent reporting.  I would have entitled this “The Closing of the American Mind” if it were my article.  However, there is a book of that title – also well worth reading (Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom)…

The key point for me in this article is the inability of the leftist (she calls them alt-left) mind to see reality.  This inability has led to things that, only a few years ago, would have been anathema to the left:  the shut-down of free speech, and the creation of so-called “safe spaces.”  Safe spaces?  What is a Safe Space?  It is a place where no one is allowed to challenge your crazy ideas or illogical and emotional non-thinking.  Safe Spaces become necessary when you are totally unable to deal with the real world, including facts or ideas that contradict your own.  This, apparently, comes form having adopted a world view internally (let’s call it a utopian virtual reality) that does not line up with the real world.  In fact, the real world clearly demonstrates (to anyone that is not so locked into a utopian virtual reality) that the utopian virtual does not, in fact, work.  Thus, you must keep that information away, as your brain might overhead, and your emotions might become overwrought, and you might actually have to THINK if you are forced to face reality.

This is pretty nasty stuff we are talking about.  We have an entire generation of college students that… cannot face reality.  That cannot think outside their little virtual reality box.  How, you might ask, are they going to survive in the real world?  With a real job?

Apparently their professor masters don’t care about that.  They only care about destroying an actual working system, and replacing it with one that has failed over and over again, as well as impoverishing and killing millions.

One has to ask:  what, then, is the nature of man?  I was brought up believing that man was rational, working to improve the world, and we were making progress.  That idea passed away earlier in this century.  I am beginning to accept the Biblical view:  that Man is either a slave to sin and its master, Satan, or a bond servant to Christ, the savior of the world.

Source: Thank goodness for the Japanese ambassador |

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