The Trump-Russia fairytale

  Talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh says while the leftists now are admitting that it wasn’t Donald Trump and it wasn’t Russia who “hacked” Democratic National Committee computer files during the 2016 election, the issue won’t go away because the party loyalists simply can’t get past Hillary Clinton’s campaign collapse and election loss. He cites a […]

It’s been over 6 months, and RussiaGate is still steaming along.  Mueller and his gang of bandits are looking for ANYTHING they can pin on ANYONE associated with Trump.  They may have to go back to schoolyard bulling episodes.  No doubt there is something somewhere that will look bad, if properly spun.  The goal is obvious:  to get rid of Trump as president.

There has been plenty of evidence that there was no hack.  That is why the FBI was not allowed to see the servers.  There is plenty of evidence that it is Hillary, not Trump, that had dealings with Russia (after all, she sold our uranium to them for cash to her foundation and payments to Bill).

How is it that so many people are totally convinced of a lie?

Is it not amazing how well trained a large body of Americans (and Europeans) are by the puppet masters?  The masters create the Fake News, the Fake Hysteria, and drive their little sheep off a cliff into insanity as easily as simply claiming something to be true that they are trained to want to believe, and they will believe it.  It has taken 50 years to get them to this emotion-driven utopian virtual non-reality space.  But we are here, now, and it is beyond unbelievable.

These sheep are great soil for the coming Anti-Christ.  They have been prepared to believe whatever they are told.  The sheep do not check facts (other than asking a co-believer “fact” checker who is part of the propaganda machine).  They used to be able to search for the truth on Google, but they can’t even do that, since Google is now busy making it hard for them to find the truth.  Censoring.

It gets harder to know what the truth is.  Everywhere you look, the propaganda lies are screaming in your face.  Many people, sadly, are “too busy” to take the time to find out what is really happening to them:  they are losing their freedoms, and it is all going to come crashing down at some point.  Then they will as “why didn’t anyone tell me?”

There was no Russia hack.  It was all straw man.  The true believers had to find a way to vent their frustration and horror at actually losing an election that they had been convinced was impossible.  Finally, even with millions of fake votes, the American people in the heartland rose up in a landslide to repudiate the garbage dumped on us from the political elites.  But the story ain’t over yet…

Source: Limbaugh: 1 Democrat ‘blabbermouth’ holds key to Trump-Russia fairytale


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